PC Serial RS232 Port Interface To 7 Segment


It’s an example of PC Serial RS232 Port Interface To 7 Segment.

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In this example we have interfaced seven segment display with PC serial RS232 port. In this example we have used PC screen for display and PC keyboard for user input to our 8051 microcontroller like in project 8051 Calculator using PC Serial Port. At PC side we have used a terminal software like hyperterminal that displays data coming from microcontroller and sends user input from keyboard to microcontroller. We can develop our customized software for serial communication on PC side. 8051 microcontroller dipslays data coming from PC on seven segment display. This example also shows that how can we configure and use serial channel of 8051 microcontroller for sending and receiving data to PC.

In this example 8051 microcontroller first displays title information then asks user to press a key from 0 to 9 as seven segment can only display numeric digits. Microcontroller will not display character input other than numeric values from 0 to 9.

PC Serial Port Interface To 7 Segment

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Press a key from 0 to 9

User presses keys in the range from 0 to 9 and microcontroller will just display this value after converting it into seven segment patterns.

This is an interesting example in which we learn how can we configure 8051 serial channel, use PC monitor for microcontroller display, PC keyboard as keyboard attached to microcontroller and use seven segment as numeric digit display.

For basic operation & components used in an 8051 based microcontroller based systems see
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